Finding the right relief treatment for a headache that works for you can be challenging, but Inner West Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre offers the best treatment options. Headaches are a painful disorder in the head or neck. The pain can be described as a throbbing or stabbing sensation that may cause discomfort even when resting. If a headache becomes severe, people may need to take medicine to help ease the pain or see a specialist. The most common headaches are migraines, cluster, and tension. Each has its own set of helpful treatments to ease the pain. Whether you are suffering from a migraine or cluster or tension headaches, our experienced doctors will be happy to help relieve your pain.

Providing relief for your headache by addressing the underlying cause

Are you one of the thousands of people who suffer from headaches and who rely on drugs to alleviate their symptoms? Despite the fact that drugs may alleviate symptoms, they often just mask the discomfort without addressing the underlying source of the issue. We also recognise that long-term pharmaceutical usage may have a detrimental influence on the body, resulting in Medication Overuse Headache or Rebound Headaches, which are both painful conditions.
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Providing relief for your headache by addressing the underlying cause

However, there is a medication-free alternative to treating and addressing the underlying causes of headaches. You may be experiencing migraines and using an excessive quantity of medication. We can give a second opinion to determine the actual underlying cause of your headaches and help you stop taking medications. Inner West Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre is on a quest to determine the underlying cause of your headaches and treat it accordingly. A detailed examination is performed by our professionals in order to identify and cure the underlying cause of the pain Whether you suffer from acute or persistent headaches, our experts will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the source of your headaches and the most appropriate therapy for you.
Just talk to our executives, and they will guide you through all the processes without any inconveniences.So, what are you waiting for? Book the services of the ultimate sports physio in Marrickville at Inner West Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic.